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Hair Tutorial Lessons & Packages

Can be in a group session tailor made to suit your needs or on a 121 basis. Packages below are examples of the lessons I can provide.

You will learn tricks of the trade & easy techniques on how to achieve complex styles.

Basic/Advanced & Intermediate packages

1. Blowdry Lesson Learn to blowdry like a professional

  • Back to basics
  • Style required/How to achieve
  • blow-dry techniques to last
ADVANCED techniques depending on your ability.

2. Bouncy Curls

  • Using the latest gadgets
  • Don’t waste your money try before you buy
  • Techniques for lasting curls
ADVANCED techniques and styles depending on your ability.

3. Straight Hair Lesson Learn to create dead straight hair that lasts for days!

  • Using GHD s or not?
  • No more frizz/ techniques

4. Hair Up Lesson Simple techniques on how to achieve an up doo.

  • put your hair up simple
  • A messy bun/chignon
  • use a doughnut/hairpiece
You will learn tricks of the trade simple/easy techniques

5. Basic Plaiting Learn how to do a simple 3 strand plait.

  • 3 strand plait the basics
  • fishtail plait
  • french plait/dutch
  • or 3 styles of your choice

6. Advanced Plaiting Learn the more complex plaits.

  • Headband/waterfall/twisted side plait with bun.
  • or 3 styles of your choice

7. Intermediate Plaiting.

Feather/Ladder/Lace.. or 3 styles of your choice.

ADVANCED LESSONS /intermediate

Advanced lessons include;

More complex hair up style Chignons, curls on top, side buns

Complex Braids include;

  • French plait
  • Fishtail
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Mohawk
  • Headband braids
  • twisted plait
  • Upside down plait
  • Carousel
  • Milk maid
  • Double Dutch and many more…..

Tutorials can be tailored made see below for examples….

  • Bridal hair
  • Party hair
  • Halloween hair
  • Chignons
  • Ballet buns for exams
  • Prom hair

Mother & Daughter lessonsLearn to do your child’s hair, a life time lesson

  • School parties
  • Dance parties

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